Leigh is a freelance writer, editor, author
and poet.

Leigh has had extensive experience in writing for parents and educators with regard to parenting and child development. She is co-author of Mind Your Mind – Rational Thinking Strategies for Children. Leigh has also edited a number of popular books on parenting and child development, including What's the Hurry? and Play Matters.

Leigh is a former ASG May Gibbs Nutcote Fellowship Writer-in-Residence, and is also a published poet whose work has been commended and accepted for inclusion in a number of Australian anthologies.
Leigh is the author of a number of youth plays, short stories and poetry for children, has run poetry workshops for primary schools and reviews children's literature.

Leigh has an extensive background in community radio and runs workshops in writing for the spoken word. She is an experienced compere and video scripter and has also had many years' experience in public readings and voiceovers.

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